Get more from each acre and every dollar with Border State's Coop YieldPoint Program  05/27/14 2:26:05 PM

Border States Cooperative
is proud to announce new services provided to patrons


Precision Ag Services -
  • Grid Soil Sampling,
  • Zone Soil Sampling,
  • GPS Guided Points,
  • Field Mapping, Dry and Liquid
  • Variable Rate Fertilizer
  • Application, Variable Rate
  • Planting Maps and Prescriptions,
  • Yield Card Data Reading and Mapping, Infrared Aerial Imagery for Zone Creation

Field Mapping
Each field that is grid sampled is mapped out with recommended fertilizer rates for each grid depending on soil test results.  Zone maps are created to manage zones depending on yield goals.  The program can be customized for your farming operation to meet your specific precision ag needs.

Yield Mapping
Yield mapping is becoming an important aspect in managing seed and fertility.  Yield maping provides data that can help determine good and under performing parts of the field.  Border States Coop can help create and evaluate yield-mapping data to make better management decisions. Border States has the capabilities to read data from any combine monitor and use this data to create Variable Rate planting maps as well as management zones from this data. 

Aerial Imagery
Border States Coop is working with USGS, LIDAR, and several others tpo provide remote aerial imagery from Infrared and Bare soil imagery.  These images can be used to interpret field variability and make planting and nutrient zones based off of imagery.  Zones are created by using a diverse system of statistics and data formulations, thus in turn helping us determine where certain areas of fields more management, etc.

Variable Rate Planting
Border States Coop has the capabilities to create variable rate planting maps for almost all types of planters.  We can use multiple sources of info to create these maps such as yield maps, soil type maps, aerial imagery, grid sample maps, etc. These maps along with the customer and agronomists knowledge of the field can be used to customize a variable rate planting program for each customers farm or field.


Grid Soil Sampling

Our staff is equipped to Grid Sample using hand held GPS guidance systems to create 2.5 to 5 Acre Grids. This will allow us to precisely report and apply fertilizer at different levels accross the entire field. Recommendations are set by local Agronomist with Grower approval.



Variable Rate Application

Once spread maps are created, the data is sent to a variable rate air flow machine. The machine can then apply up to 4 different products at infinite rates as it travels accross the filed. Products rates are then specifically applied according to the rates that were set up from the data that was created via: grids, aerial imagery, yield maps, soils maps, zone maps, or yield goals. Border States has invested in the best products, equipment, and people to provide the most innovative precision ag service in the trade area.


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