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27, 2017

Crude was Lower overnight and remains neutral to bearish signaling sideways to lower prices are possible in the near term. Fuel was lower overnight and remains neutral to bearish signaling sideways to lower prices are possible in the near term. Gasoline was slightly lower overnight and remains neutral to bearish signaling sideways to lower prices are possible in the near term. The Dollar was lower overnight and remains neutral to bearish signaling sideways to lower prices are possible in the near term. Propane market was lower overnight and is neutral to bearish signaling sideways to lower prices are possible in the near term.


If you are wanting to blend some #1 into you Fieldmaster Diesel Fuel now is the time to be doing it while the temps are relatively warm. After the diesel fuel reaches its cloud point it will no longer blend well if at all. On Fieldmaster the cloud point is approximately 15 degrees F. If your tractor already has Fieldmaster in it and you put #1 on top of it to blend in, drive your tractor a bit over some rougher ground to get the fuels to mix and get the blended fuel into your filter or filters. The fuel should be blended at a minimum of 70% #1 and 30% Fieldmaster. It is best if you also use a lubricity enhancer for the #1 if you do not use #1 Fieldmaster which already has a lubricity package in it. We also have a product that is called Wintermaster that is a complete winter fuel package with operating temp down to -25 degrees. You cannot use wintermaster to blend into you current diesel fuel as it will very quickly delute down the winter blend and raise the gelling point to above 0 degrees. If you have any question please call 320-815-0730 or 320-343-9022.

 With the relatively lower price of propane expexted to continue here is a formula to consider if replacing your residential water heater.
It takes 27 kWh of usable electricity to equal 1 Gallon of propane. If your rate for electricity is $.1273 per kWh (which is the national average) X 27 kWh = $3.43 per gallon.
The National average for residential Propane is $2.01. This means that propane is a better value versus electrcity.

 Some Information concerning SPCC. If your Aggregate Oil and Fuel is greater than 2500 gallons and not more than 6,000 gallons, with no reportable discharge history, you do not need an SPCC farm plan or secondary comtainment by EPA rules. State or local regulations may supersede the Federal EPA so you will need to check out those regulations. For between 6,001 and 20,000 gallons and no tank larger than 10,000 gallons you can self certify with a form that is avalable on the EPA web site ( If you have a 20,000 gallons or more total storage or a 10,000 gallon tank or larger you have to have an SPCC Professional Enginer's plan. If any questions please call 320-343-9022.

If you have purchased a piece of farm equipment (Tractor, Combine, New Sprayer and a few other motorized pieces, either New or used up to ten years old from date of manufacture.) they may be eligible for the Best extended warranty in the industry. Please contact Gale Adolph @ 320-343-9022 or cell, 320-815-0730 for more information.


        Hope YOU have a great day!
It sure looks like spring is here. Lightning and thunder, flowers poking out of the soil, Geese are flying and nesting and some of the early spring birds are coming back. Also temps in the 50's and 60's
Although we do have march to go through yet.

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                                                                              Keeping costs down means keeping your equipment longer.


Cenex Maxtron Enviro-EDGE full synthetic SAE 5W-40

diesel engine oil exceeds critical industry standard tests by as much as 30%.

And it improves fuel efficiency from 1.2% under normal conditions and up to 3% during cold starts.

Whether comparing its ability to control soot, protect against wear, or perform in all temperatures,

freezing cold or summer heat,

Maxtron Enviro-EDGE SAE 5W-40

                                                                                                surpasses conventional SAE 15W-40

                                                                                              oils and API CJ-4 requirements by far.

                                                                                To find out more about this product click on the link below.
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