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 November 24, 2015

Crude was higher overnight and is neutral to bullish signaling sideways to higher prices are possible in the near term. Fuel was slightly higher overnight and is turning neutral to bullish hinting a low may be in or near. Gasoline was higher overnight and is neutral to bullish signaling sideways to higher prices are possible in the near term. The Dollar was lower overnight and remains neutral to bullish signaling sideway to higher prices are possible in the near term.


 With the colder weather very close you will want to keep it in mind to let your tanks run low at the end of the harvest season so you can get your fuel blended down to the proper levels.
Diesel fuel needs to be blended around the freezing point( 32 degrees or warmer) or it will not blend well if at all (diesel cold flow point is about 15 degrees). By adding #1 fuel to your diesel it will drop your cloud point by 3 degrees for every 10% of #1 to your tank. If not using Wintermaster it would be best to have at a minimum of a 80% #1- 20% Diesel in your tank.
If you already have regular diesel in your tank it is best to blend in #1 first to achive a good 80-20 blend then add wintermaster. Just adding wintermaster to you regular diesel will not achive a very good blend for cold weather use as it is already a 70-30 blend with additives and will quickly raise the gel point (will gel quicker).
The higher the soy content the quicker it gells up. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call for more information. 320-815-0730.

Cenex Wintermaster, dyed and clear, is a great cold weather product. It's rated operable cold temp is -30.

 Some New Information concerning SPCC. If your Aggregate Oil and Fuel is greater than 2500 gallons and not more than 6,000 gallons, with no reportable discharge history, you do not need an SPCC farm plan. For between 6000 and 10000 gallons you can self certify with a form that is avalable on the EPA web site ( If you have a 10,000 gallon tank or larger you have to have an SPCC Professional Enginer's plan. If any questions please call 320-839-6187. More information to be available soon.
      Hope YOU have a great day!!
      It will not be long and this guys freinds will be on some tables.
Hope you all have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































                                                                              Keeping costs down means keeping your equipment longer.


Cenex Maxtron Enviro-EDGE full synthetic SAE 5W-40

diesel engine oil exceeds critical industry standard tests by as much as 30%.

And it improves fuel efficiency from 1.2% under normal conditions and up to 3% during cold starts.

Whether comparing its ability to control soot, protect against wear, or perform in all temperatures,

freezing cold or summer heat,

Maxtron Enviro-EDGE SAE 5W-40

                                                                                                surpasses conventional SAE 15W-40

                                                                                              oils and API CJ-4 requirements by far.

                                                                                To find out more about this product click on the link below.
                                                                                                       Maxtron Enviro-EDGE 5W40





















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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